STYLE FYLE: Stay classy….PLEASE!

Published: February 7, 2013

Sometimes I wonder where the “classy” went when I take a look around and see¬†how people dress – especially on off days and especially right now during the winter months!

Be it in the heart of Surrey or downtown Vancouver.¬† A¬†night out on the town or just getting some chores done – why do we think it’s ok to leave the house without showering, no lip gloss or you know those pants -¬†track pants or yoga pants – they¬†are for working out – mall walking does NOT count.

And there is really no job where you don’t make an impression.¬† Even nurses look great in this city!¬† For the rest of us – no workplace will ever ask you to dress down!

It’s time for a little checklist:

1.  Do you smell?  Go home and shower after working out or if you just made a nice spicy dish Рyou probably smell.  Please for the love of butter chicken Рget rid of the odor before the entire shopping line up behind you passes out.

2.¬† One make up item makes all the difference.¬† My mom’s favourite saying – do¬†people not even have time to put some skin cream on before they leave the house?¬†¬†She is the queen of¬†lotions and¬†has every¬†product¬†under the sun to get rid of dry skin.

Her best advice to me ever - a bit of lip color and mascara takes 5 minutes or less Рno excuses. What if and you will run into someone you know.  It is that one time that they will think of you until the next time they see you.

3.¬† Facebook and tweet your real self – if you dress up all the time, full make up and hair and self portrait every second of “those” moments – try to re-create those moments when you leave the house too

4.¬† Hair is where it all starts and ends- don’t let the frizzy mess go as is and think it’s ok to be casual a few times a week.¬† Buy a nice hat or two or ask your hair dresser to show you fast and easy hair do’s.¬† Nothing more annoying than someone with really bad hair hanging around a coffee shop for hours.

5.¬† Respect yourself – it’s not just about looking good but it’s about respecting yourself.¬† Some of my favourite ladies in town – busy realtor mom of four or a political leader – always look presentable.

Some days I wish we could go back to the days of classy dresses and hats on a daily basis – be so much fun!

For now – let’s try to do get rid of the yoga pants and runners.¬† I will be the first to admit – it took a few close friends to point out the track suit and hoodies were becoming a bit too common – I hired a stylist who completely re-arranged my closets, helped me get rid of those clothes so I will not wear them all the time and replaced with easy to wear, fun items that not only look a whole lot better but also help one¬†feel a bit better inside – especially when you thank your lucky stars your outfit works when you get a last minute¬†call for a meeting!

By: Kuljeet Kaila

Style Fyle is brought to you by Ishara in Gastown

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