CAMPAIGN: B.C. Sikh Nation donates blood in memory of 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom

Published: November 4, 2012

Relatives of victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots shout slogans to demand the arrest of culprits, including senior Congress leaders, during a protest in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012. The 1984 riots were sparked by the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was gunned down by her Sikh bodyguards after ordering a crackdown on Sikh separatists in northern India. The separatists were fighting to carve their own state out of Hindu-majority India. Placard on left reads “Arrest guilty Delhi police officials.” (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)


About 700 people donated blood at camps organized by the Sikh Nation across B.C. in memory of the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom.

The Sikh Nation organizes annual blood donation camps every year to mark the anniversary of the anti Sikh massacre during the first week of November, 1984 following the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.

The supporters of Indira Gandhi’s so-called secular Congress party led mobs who mobbed, robbed, raped and murdered Sikhs across India. Prominent Congress leaders involved in the mass murders have not been punished even after 28 years have passed. Ironically, India had its first turbaned Sikh President, Zail Singh during the pogrom while the country is being currently led by its first Sikh Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

Defying rain, many people showed up at the blood donation camps on Saturday. There was a two hours wait at least at one camp, according to Dr. Barjinder Singh of Sikh Nation. A moment of silence was also observed across B.C. at 6 pm on November 1, 2012 in memory of the victims. I too went silent on air for a minute before my evening news broadcast.

Sunil Sharma, a volunteer associated with the blood donation campaign noted that the violence started around 6 pm on November 1, 1984. “It was therefore fitting to hold a moment of silence at sharp 6.” The organizers have sent across another message to shame the Indian government by commending Brian Murphy, a US police officer who was injured during recent racial violence at a Wisconsin Sikh temple in which six Sikhs were murdered. So much so, the U.S. recognized it as its own tragedy and raised its national flag at half mast. “The idea is to tell the world that the Indian establishment too could have saved many lives if at all it had a political will.”, Dr. Barjinder Singh said.Notably, such a massacre did not happen against Sikhs or Muslims in US even after 9/11 despite isolated hate attacks.

At no point of time, the US politicians went on 1984 like rampage against any minority group. It is a separate matter that the US led imperialist wars against Afghanistan and Iraq that brought deaths and massive destruction.

It is sad that the Indian government which has repeatedly raised its concerns with the Canadian government over increased activities of Sikh separatists in this country has not taken any strong political initiative to bring the culprits of the 1984 violence to book. Such indifference and arrogance is actually legitimizing the cause of the Sikh separatists and strengthening their hands, leaving those who care for social justice with little choice except protesting or organizing events to shame a secular establishment of world’s largest democracy.

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norman says:

wowwww just str8 up hate by canadians, do you ppl have jobs? get off welfare i barley see immigrants on welfare.never seen a sikh on welfare, hardest & most honest workers ive come across. trust me ive dealy with alot of ppl around the world. live & let live.bye

ed says:

you have got to be kidding

it is not about hatge – but i am sick and tired of people fighting their battles on our soil

jag says:

why???????????? ur ppl didnt fight their baddles on our soil???? you seem very uneducated. educate urself aout cdn, european history my friend

Kanwal jit Singh Gill says:

I agree with writer Gurpreet Singh that Sikhs have started a very good drive of donating blood to save lives. And also to let the world know about the 1984 Sikh Genocide when thousands of innocent persons were killed by mobs led by ruling congress party leaders. The ruling Congress Govt. has always justified those killings by saying it was reaction of people for Indira Gandhi’s death. But we have seen many tragedies in the world but the ruling Govts. have never allowed innocent killings as a reaction. The big 9/11 tragedy when thousands of innocent persons lost their lives, there was no reaction of mobs killing minorities. There were a few isolated hate crime incidents against minorities, but Govt. acted quickly and punished the guilty persons. But India is the only country where thousands of innocent persons were killed by mobs led by congress leaders, and Govt. has fully justified those innocent killings and so far in 28 years has failed to punish the guilty persons or provide any justice to the victim families. We’ll like to thank all the volunteers and participants for making this Blood donation drive a huge success. And we need such good drives and writers like Gurpreet Singh to make the world aware of 1984 Sikh Genocide and Indian Govt’s failure to provide any justice to the victim families.

reality says:

FACT: the militants holed up in the temple in 1984 were shooting police from inside the TEMPLE!!! They have no problem shooting guns from inside and killing people, and them complain when they were attacked. because the temple is a place of violence where everyone shoots off gun and kills people….its not for praying!

Fact: Sikh terrorists brought down the Air India flight, killing hundreds including sikhs! Yet they never will admit or acknowledge the murder they have on their hands!

Fact: Sikh fundamentalist continue to push for an independant homeland here in Canada, idolozing murders, killers and promoting hate within temples and in the annual Vaisakhi float! I wish we could deport all you losers back to india! this is Canada, if you want to fight for your homeland then you should go to punjab and fight, not here in Canada!

Sikhs continue to spread the hate worldwide through intimidation, violent assaults and murder against anyone including sikhs against their terrorist cause: ie: Ujjal Dosanjh/ indian newspaper journalist Hayer/ indian general brar.

Ravi says:

Were are talking about November 1984, not June. Get you facts straight. I wish we can deport all you sour faced uptight racists back to Scotland. This Canada, this is our country as well, get used to it.

reality says:

actually I am indian just like you. so am just being racist to my own people if that is ok with you.

Killing is not justified by either side…but continuing the killing in the name of god, payback, beant singh whatever years after the fact is just plain stupid! no side involved in 1984 is justified in what they did…including the governemetn and SIKH SEPERATIST!!!

ed says:

i have cut a pasted this – but i find this whole event rather one sided – if you read back this is all caused by the radical Sikh political groups – i have also read that this culture beleives that religion and governement are one in the same – we do not have this belief in canada

Operation Bluestar

Main article: Operation Bluestar
The government seemed unable to stop the violence in Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. Knowing her government would be voted out of power in Punjab the January 1985 elections, [2]Operation Bluestar was a mixed success. Indira Gandhi ordered the army to storm the temple complex in Punjab A variety of army units along with paramilitary forces surrounded the temple complex on 3 June 1984. The army kept asking the militants to surrender, using the public address system, but according to civilians inside the complex no announcements were made and the Army termed everyone inside the complex as enemies. The militants were asked to send the pilgrims out of the temple premises to safety, before they start fighting the army. However, nothing happened till 7 PM.[3] General Brar then asked the police if they could send emissaries inside to help get the civilians out, but the police said that anyone sent inside would be killed by the militants. They believed that the militants were keeping the pilgrims inside to stop the army from entering the temple. Finally, around a hundred sick and old people were let out. These people informed the army that the others were not being allowed to come out.[3] The army had grossly underestimated the firepower possessed by the militants. Thus, tanks and heavy artillery were used to forcefully suppress the anti-tank and machine-gun fire. After a 24 hour firefight, the army finally wrested control of the temple complex. According to Indian Government sources, 83 army personnel were killed and 249 injured. while insurgent casualties were 493 killed and 86 injured. Unofficial figures go well into the thousands. Along with insurgents, many innocent worshipers were caught in the crossfire. The estimates of innocent people killed in the operation range from a few hundred of people.
[edit]Effect of Operation Bluestar

Main articles: Operation Woodrose, Assassination of Indira Gandhi, and 1984 anti-Sikh riots
The Operation Bluestar inflamed the Sikh community. Many saw it as an attack on their religion and beliefs.
On 31 October 1984, the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi was gunned down by her two Sikh bodyguards. In the wake of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, rioting mobs allegedly led by Congress leaders, who are still facing the court cases,[4] rampaged through the streets of Delhi and other parts of India over the next few days, killing several thousand Sikhs. The police “worked to destroy a lot of the evidence about who was involved with the killings by refusing to record First Information Reports” [5] Hundreds more were refused because the victims wanted to name Congress leaders like Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler. Human Rights Watch reports “In the months following the killings, the government sought no prosecutions or indictments of any persons, including officials, accused in any case of murder, rape or arson.”[6] Hundreds of murders are yet to be even registered by police.[4] The New Delhi Police was reported to be doing nothing to stop the rioting, as was the state and central government.[4] It was only after three days of rioting in the capital of the country that army was called in to restore order.[4]

ed says:

AMRITSAR: While the nation pays homage to late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Shiromani Akali Dal (B) backed Sikh’s single largest representative body Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) paid homage to one of Indira’s assassin Beant Singh and performed Bhog (ceremonial completion ) of Akhand Path (uninterrupted reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib) in his memory.

On October 31, 1984, Beant Singh , bodyguard of Indira Gandhi, along with another body guard Satwant Singh had assassinated the then PM at her residence. Beant Singh was however immediately shot dead in a gunfire following Indira’s assassin while Satwant Singh and another conspirator Kehar Singh were hanged to death on January 6th, 1989.

after the Sikh body gaurd killed the prime minister of India – Ghandi’s daughter – i belive – Ghandi who helped expell the british and then he was killed by his supporters – WOW – Punjab was split in two – why do you not ever mention pakistan in your rants

anyway – it seems to me a sikh caused this massacre – did anyone ever look at the possibility that this was contrivred by the powerful sikh businessmen in the regions – to help expedite a country for sikhs –

Bob says:

“it seems to me a sikh caused this massacre”

Seriously? That is the worst case of victim blaming I have ever seen. One does not cause another to engage in wholesale murder and rape against people who happen to share a religion with the people who assassinated I Ghandhi.

With your level of logic one could blame Ghandhi herself for bringing on her own assassination and the violence it caused. You like to use a lot of words but clearly have no grasp of the deeper reality behind them.

ed says:


i am just asking for someone to clear this up – i have been reading about this for a while – i am definitely not condoning any pogrom of any race – but it is rather unclear on how this really started – it goes back to the 70’s when the fundamentlist politcal group AKALI DAL – when they started to use violence for a cause to creatre a seperate punjabi state

Ravi says:

what a bunch of nonsense. Do us all a favor,just stick to things you know about.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill says:

Ed, you seems to be very intrested to know more about Blue Star Operation and 1984 Sikh Genocide. It is difficult to explain everything in this limited space. I’ll request you to google search about Blue Star Operation or Lt. Gen. Sinha, the army Gen. who tells you how Indira Gandhi had pre-planned army attack on Golden Temple 18 months earlier. Also to know more about 1984 Sikh Genocide, click on Who are the Guilty. That’ll tell you everything the whole 1984 Sikh Genocide was planned, organised and executed by the ruling congress Govt. And that is why in 28 years the congress led Govts. haven’t punished the guilty pesons or provided any justice to the victim families. I hope these things will give you enough knowledge about true facts.

reality says:

well you have a sikh as prime minister of india, why has he not shed light on this?

why has he not opened an investigation and charged people for this???

MAYBE he realizes that both sides including the sikhs did alot that was also not acceptable including the murders they committed prior to the temple massacre.

why are your hoods not going after moahman singh and try to attack/kill him?

ed says:

what is the BC SIKH NATION – i am confused is it a group of sikhs – our do we have a Sikh Nation within our Nation of Canada

also i f they are defining themselves as a Nation within Canada – does anyone else find this troubling

i would also like to ask the Sikh nation if they plan on a 1 minute of silence to pay respect to the victims of the Air India Bombing – which was – from what i read a form of payback – no one ever really brought to justice in that case and it happened in Canada – what i have troubles with is the constant hatred towards India form Sikhs – yet their prime minister is Sikh, tghe captain or military man who led the attack was sikh , the bodyguard who killed Ghandi was sikh
it just seems odd

Ravi says:

Yes, its very confusing world, but don’t worry too much. Good night and sleep tight.

b.b Obrian says:

Yes I have noticed your signs along the highways(sikh nation)is this a nation in Canada or India? if in Canada please explain how this is possible,not very exclusive.thought sikh was a religion ,never heard catholics,muslims,or jews in Canada call themselves a nation,always this persecution thing,the seperate agenda,when I give blood I just give not lable myself anything!

Ravi says:

You seem like a very bitter and sour individual, relax, please and enjoy you life.

Dave says:

Fact:Multiculturalism is a myth that has never worked and never will work !. There is a whole full scale corrupt immigration industry in canada and oversea.The government is quick to help out thousands of immigrant legal and illegal that has not put a nickle into our economy. You will see a big increase in “Temporary Foreign Worker program” is increasingly little more than a government-sanctioned way for big business to by-pass Canadian workers and substitute with cheap foreign labor. Our corrupt politicians are happy to have us race to the bottom of the economic ladder in order to ensure their political backers can get increased profits.Once in canada.FACT:You will NOT be deported even if you commit multiple criminal offenses,Claim economic refugee status ,the Canadian , gullible taxpayers will gladly pay for a immigration lawyer ,or get married have children and you in the country.You are NOT going to get deported for atleasted 10 to 15 years.

Mata says:

Dave, just say thank you and return to your basement

Bob says:

Your comment has nothing to do with the story, the atrocities the Sikhs endured or their wonderful form of remembrance.

BTW, starting any assertion with the “Fact:” is the best way to make it look like you are pulling facts out of your butt and ensures no one takes you emotional screeds seriously.

GB says:

Your comment has nothing to do with the story, the atrocities the Sikhs endured or their wonderful form of remembrance.

BTW, starting any assertion with the “Fact:” is the best way to make it look like you are pulling facts out of your butt and ensures no one takes you emotional screeds seriously.

Bob says:

Your comment has nothing to do with the story, the atrocities the Sikhs endured or their wonderful form of remembrance.

BTW, starting any assertion with the “Fact:” is the best way to make it look like you are pulling facts out of a** and ensures no one takes you emotional screeds seriously.

Paul Buttle says:

Who cares, the good siks are protesting in India, and thats where they should stay

Ravi says:

I heard in Toronto, it took over 50 years for a German to be deported of suspected Nazi murders.Also we came with papers, did not just come over because Europe decided to clean its slums and prisons. This is OUR country as well, get over yourself.



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