French cave of Chauvet reveals prehistoric rock art

By Javier Albisu Paris, Dec 20 (IANS/EFE) — The Chauvet cave in southern France will soon be welcoming visitors eager... (more...)

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Much food for thought at this media hangout (Foodie Trail – Lucknow )

By Mohit Dubey Lucknow, Dec 19 (IANS) — Since the times of the nawabs, the city has been known for its delectable street... (more...)

Your net addiction could help when it comes to WW-III (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi I spend so much time on the internet that Amazon.com has replaced its “You May Also Like” recommendations... (more...)

Poor, ‘unrecognised’ blind cricketers do India proud (Sports Feature)

By Abhishek Purohit New Delhi, Dec 18 (IANS) — They are blind, hail from financially weak backgrounds, lack training... (more...)

Turn to Ranakpur for simple, unhurried life (Travel Feature)

By Sugandha Rawal New Delhi, Dec 18 (IANS) — Those of you on a quest for something unexplored need not look far for... (more...)

‘Goa’s Mary Kom’ came from this coastal boxing school (Sports Feature)

By Mayabhushan Nagvenkar Chapora (Goa), Dec 16 (IANS) — It’s quiet at the otherwise bustling fishing jetty in... (more...)

Better environment, quality teaching lures Indian students to foreign varsities (Education Feature)

By Shweta Sharma New Delhi, Dec 15 (IANS) — Unable to find a course of his choice at Delhi University, Ankit Khullar,... (more...)

Love of yoga fuels a $27 bn industry across America (Lifestyle Trend)

By Arun Kumar Washington, Dec 14 (IANS) — From tired housewives to stressed executives, Hollywood stars to US First... (more...)

Shawarma a fast-selling Arabic fast food in Hyderabad (Foodie Trail-Hyderabad)

By Mohammed Shafeeq Hyderabad, Dec 14 (IANS) — It’s evening and a group of youngsters flocking a popular eatery... (more...)

Choose-your-own-pronoun movement has everyone confused (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi A friend named Pat once decided to be gender-free, refusing to let us use “sexist” terms such... (more...)

Mughali cuisine comes alive in bylanes of Old Delhi (Foodie Trail-Delhi)

By Somrita Ghosh New Delhi, Dec 12 (IANS) — From eateries in the bylanes of the Walled City that evoke nostalgia to... (more...)

These sweets will ward off the winter chill (Foodie Trail)

By Monish Gujral I remember many a major fuss in my mom`s kitchen over some ingredients during winter time. She insisted... (more...)

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Avoiding relapse, inviting happiness over the Holiday Season

NIRMALA RANIGA VANCOUVER DESI The holiday season can be an especially challenging time for individuals in recovery from addictive behaviours. Holiday parties and celebrations with…
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Vagina Monologues

Sex workers from India’s largest red light area seek American feminist Eve Ensler’s help

IANS Kolkata – American activist and playwright Eve Ensler Friday met sex workers in Kolkata’s Sonagachi, one of Asia’s largest red light areas, who sought…
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Miss World

Bikini round removed from Miss World pageant

IANS London – The Miss World contest, which has been an annual feature since 1951, will no longer feature a swimsuit round in their competition,…
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sexi desi babes

Gallery: Wait for India’s Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2015 is almost over

VANCOUVER DESI The Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2015 is almost over. An Indian lifestyle channel will air the grand finale of the reality…
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Recipe: Fluffy Carrot Cake with Cardamom Icing

JESSIE LEHAIL VANCOUVER DESI At the Lehail house, we have a carrot cake tradition. Carrot cake is the go-to dessert for special occasions like birthdays,…
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Recipe: Crimson Crush – Gingery Ribena Cocktail

VANCOUVER DESI – JESSIE LEHAIL This Crimson Crush has a distinctive, yet spicy flavour that is refreshing with a bit of bubble. Plus it has…
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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Avoiding relapse, inviting happiness over the Holiday Season

NIRMALA RANIGA VANCOUVER DESI The holiday season can be an especially challenging time for individuals in recovery from addictive behaviours. Holiday parties and celebrations with…
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Volunteers loaded up toys for charities

8th Annual Victor Ghirra Toy Drive collects over 3500 toys!

HARVEY KOONER VANCOUVER DESI Victor Ghirra’s giving spirit is alive and well with help from the Benevolent Brotherhood Society, Ghirra family, the Co-operators Insurance agencies…
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Health Check

anti-ageing medicine

Ibuprofen an anti-ageing medicine?

IANS Washington – A common drug, Ibuprofen, which tackles pain and fever may also hold the key to a longer, healthier life, a study says….
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Ageless skin-beauty-anti-ageing

Forever young? UBC researchers may have stumbled upon the secret to youthful skin

Mice without a certain enzyme didn’t appear to age RANDY SHORE POSTMEDIA NEWS Scientists at the University of B.C. searching for ways to slow the…
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drunk blackouts

Alcohol blackouts not funny at all

IANS New York – Some people think that alcohol-related blackouts, bad hangovers and outrageous behaviour at parties are funny. It is actually not. According to…
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How old do you feel? The answer might help predict your death: Study

LINDSEY TANNER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CHICAGO – How old do you feel? Think carefully — the answer might help predict how much longer you’ll live….
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Is Vancouver ruining yoga? India thinks so (w/ video)

LARISSA CAHUTE VANCOUVER DESI Vancouverites have a passion for yoga. Studios have become as commonplace as coffee shops and sushi joints in the city, but…
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BPA-blood pressure-ercury-health-health check

Drinking from chemical-laden cans may raise BP

IANS Seoul – Think again before you pick up that can from the department store for your favourite food or drink for it may lead…
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At least 24 poor, elderly patients go blind after free cataract surgery in north India

CHONCHUI NGASHANGVA THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI — Authorities ordered an investigation Friday after at least 24 poor and elderly people went blind following cataract…
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20 Pakistani children infected with HIV after blood transfusions

VANCOUVER DESI Nearly 20 children in Pakistan have tested positive for HIV after receiving blood transfusions, an international news agency has reported. According to Reuters,…
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symptoms-health check

Don’t ignore cancer symptoms

IANS London – Perhaps driven by fear, people often prefer to dismissing potential warning signs of cancer, thereby putting their lives at risk, says a…
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wedding gift

An Indian family’s strange wedding gift request: Pledge to donate blood and organs

VANCOUVER DESI Instead of the traditional gold and valuables, a Gujarati wedding on Sunday issued a strange gift request – for guests to donate blood…
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