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Five new born babies die in Ludhiana hospital

Chandigarh, Nov 23 (IANS) — Five new born babies died in a government hospital in Punjab’s Ludhiana during delivery,... (more...)

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Exercise and fasting could boost brain’s functions

Washington, Nov 23 (IANS) — Exercise along with occasional fasting is good for boosting the brain’s neurons,... (more...)

One infant dies in Pakistan hospital

Islamabad, Nov 23 (IANS) — One more infant died due to lack of oxygen in an incubator and negligence of the hospital... (more...)

New device translates words into vibrations for deaf

Washington, Nov 23 (IANS) — Scientists have created a new wearable device that translates spoken words into vibrations... (more...)

Oasis to launch 25 centres in India

Hyderabad, Nov 23 (IANS) — Oasis India, a leading infertility treatment center, plans to launch 25 new centres in different... (more...)

What causes discomfort among users of contact lenses

Melbourne, Nov 23 (IANS) — If you are not comfortable wearing contact lenses, it could be due to degradation of the... (more...)

Anti-HIV drugs can affect unborn babies’ hearts

Washington, Nov 23 (IANS) — The drugs given to HIV-positive pregnant women can cause significant long-term heart problems... (more...)

‘Reduction in energy transmission may help reduce impact of mobiles’

New Delhi, Nov 23 (IANS) — With the health and safety aspects of using mobile phones and the radiation from its towers... (more...)

Quarantined Indian’s samples found negative for Ebola

New Delhi, Nov 22 (IANS) — The Indian man, who had travelled to Liberia and got infected with Ebola but cured, continues... (more...)

Tooth enamel fast-track found in humans

London, Nov 22 (IANS) — Researchers in Britain have found a link between prenatal enamel growth rates in teeth and... (more...)

Rich elderly in Kerala check into medical-care centres (Social Feature)

By Sanu George Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 22 (IANS) — With their children working abroad and with no family member to... (more...)

Golf courses are hotspots for ticks

Washington, Nov 22 (IANS) — Golf courses are prime habitats for ticks, the tiny bloodsucking creatures, says a new... (more...)

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desi bride loaded in gold

Indian bride draws flak for wearing $700,000 jewellery at her wedding

CEN AGENCY An Indian sweet maker made sure his daughter was the golden girl at her upcoming wedding by covering her in gold jewellery worth…
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Video: Bear mauls Indian farmer to death, injures second man (Warning: Graphic Content)

VANCOUVER DESI An Indian farmer was mauled to death and another left seriously injured after a terrifying and unusual bear attack in Karnataka on Monday,…
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Video: India’s real-life Spiderman scales buildings with bare hands

VANCOUVER DESI A 27-year-old man in India who is nicknamed the “real-life Spiderman” has become one of Karnataka’s leading tourist attractions for his ability to effortlessly…
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desi victim

Victim of ski accident to open spinal-cord recovery centre in Richmond (w/video)

NICK EAGLAND VANCOUVER DESI Dhruv Kapoor realized he was in deep trouble as he barrelled down a ski run in Russell, Man., on an icy…
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Spice Sports: Whitecaps announce new USL PRO team!

GOPI AND THE GORA FOR VANCOUVER DESI An exciting announcement was made this morning at UBC’s Gerald McGavin Rugby Centre. Soccer fans in Vancouver will…
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Doctor assisted suicide

Suresh Kurl: States that allow and encourage Euthanasia have to be God free zones

DR. SURESH KURL VANCOUVER DESI  The following are the personal thoughts and feelings I had, when I attended a group of physicians, psychiatrists and religious…
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Spice Sports: Ryan Kesler returns, Lions fire head coach

GOPI AND THE GORA FOR VANCOUVER DESI The return of beast mode descends upon us once again. Former Canuck Ryan Kesler makes his much anticipated return…
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Spice Sports: Canucks Game Preview & Darcy Rota interview

  GOPI AND THE GORA FOR VANCOUVER DESI Tonight on the Spice Sports show we will preview game 19 of the Canucks season. The Canucks…
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Abbotsford acupuncturist’s clients urged to get tested for HIV, hepatitis

NICK EAGLAND VANCOUVER DESI Health authorities are urging clients of an Abbotsford acupuncturist to get tested for HIV and hepatitis after determining she failed to…
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incubator malfunction

Eight babies die in Pakistan as incubators malfunction

IANS/EFE Islamabad – Eight newborn babies died of asphyxiation at a hospital in eastern Pakistan’s Punjab province, after their incubators failed to supply them with…
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Too much texting bad for your spine

IANS New York – Simple texting on smartphone can exert nearly 23 kg of pressure on your spine depending on the angle at which you…
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Man isolated at New Delhi airport after traces of Ebola virus found in his semen

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI — A 26-year-old Indian man who recovered from Ebola in Liberia has been placed in isolation at the New Delhi…
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God Boy-parasitic twin

Parents call baby with eight limbs God Boy, claim he looks like an Indian deity

CEN AGENCY A baby born with four arms and four legs has been dubbed God Boy by his parents because they say he looks like…
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India Sterilization Deaths

Director of Indian drug company arrested in sterilization deaths investigation

MUNEEZA NAQVI THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI — Indian police have arrested the director of a drug manufacturing firm that allegedly supplied medication to women…
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Indian doctor arrested, blames tainted medicine for deaths of 13 women after sterilization

MUNEEZA NAQVI THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI — The doctor who conducted sterilization procedures after which 13 women died in central India was arrested, but…
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Rival Suspected Of Smear Using Dog Bite To Claim Rape

Indian dance instructor’s dog-bite selfie blows up into student rape allegation against him

CEN AGENCY An Indian dance instructor says his life has been ruined by social media after he posted an image of himself showing a dog…
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population control

India’s sterilization drive leaves 8 women dead, 20 others seriously ill (w/video)

KATY DAIGLE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI — Eight Indian women have died and 20 others were in critical condition Tuesday after undergoing sterilization surgeries…
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Gut bacteria

Gut bacteria decide our body weight

IANS London – Our genetic makeup influences whether we are fat or thin by shaping which types of microbes thrive in our body, shows a…
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