Daylight saving risk to diabetics?

New York, Oct 31 (IANS) — The twice annual ritual of setting clocks for daylight saving time can affect diabetics adversely,... (more...)

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Over 80 percent people in India Vitamin D deficient: Experts

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) — Over 80 percent of India’s population is vitamin D deficient and is at risk from... (more...)

Why scratching makes an itch worse

Washington, Oct 31 (IANS) — Scratching an itch only makes it worse but you cannot resist that urge to scratch more?... (more...)

Mediterranean diet good for kidney health

Washington, Oct 31 (IANS) — The Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes and heart-healthy fats... (more...)

A pity Anderson died unshackled, moan Bhopal activists

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) — Rights activists Friday said it was a pity that then Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson... (more...)

Learn to stay safe, fear no stigma to win fight against Ebola

By Marta Hurtado Geneva, Oct 31 (IANS/EFE) — Overcome apprehension, know how to use protective equipment, trust the... (more...)

Himalayan Viagra fuels gold rush for local Tibetans

Washington, Oct 31 (IANS) — Overwhelmed by people trying to find the prized medicinal fungus known as Himalayan Viagra,... (more...)

Wearable health devices key for safe space tourism

New York, Oct 31 (IANS) — At a time when several firms are developing spacecrafts to take ordinary citizens on short... (more...)

Healthy diet for infants prevents obesity later

New York, Oct 31 (IANS) — If you do not want your baby to grow up into an overweight adult, make sure you feed him... (more...)

Popular mosquito catcher in Japan uses human odour as bait

Tokyo, Oct 31 (IANS) — A novel mosquito trap that lures its prey using human scent and other smells favoured by the... (more...)

How genes affect Ebola patients

New York, Oct 31 (IANS) — The Ebola virus affects different people differently, say researchers, adding that genetic... (more...)

Young heart can heal itself faster

Washington, Oct 31 (IANS) — The heart holds its own pool of immune cells capable of helping it to heal after injury,... (more...)

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Parents of six-year-old girl ‘horrified’ after botched vaccination exposes her to HIV

GORDON MCINTYRE VANCOUVER DESI A six-year-old girl is in danger of having contacted HIV after a routine vaccination went awry in Fort St. James earlier…
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ghost marriage

11 held for digging women’s graves for ‘ghost marriages’

IANS/EFE Beijing – Chinese police have arrested 11 people for allegedly digging up dead women’s bodies from their graves to sell them for rituals known…
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Jian Ghomeshi

‘Big Ears Teddy’ Twitter account posted Jian Ghomeshi abuse allegations six months ago

ISHMAEL N. DARO CANADA.COM In less than a week, Jian Ghomeshi has gone from one of the most well-known and beloved CBC personalities to an…
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Battleground Surrey: Which mayoral candidate can stop the carnage?

CASSIDY OLIVIER VANCOUVER DESI The streets leading to the Newton Arena are littered with debris from the previous night’s storm. Overflow from the downpour swiftly…
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Zehaf-bibeau was a Terrorist! Period!!

Ujjal Dosanjh The murders of two unarmed Canadian soldiers Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo within a short 72 hour period by Jihadists/terrorists have shocked Canadians….
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EVENT: Halloween Party the Stress Free Way

EVENT:  the only no cover Halloween party where costumes are optional and great food and beverages have been reduced to $5 and $6.  A party…
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Wedding Canopy Toran

Significance of Toran and Rangoli

KIM TREHAN VANCOUVER DESI  Hello! Last week, Indians across the globe celebrated a festival called Diwali.  Although the festival itself has no significance to weddings, there…
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BC Lions & Van Whitecaps Heading to Playoffs!

Spice Sports: B.C. Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps headed to playoffs

GOPI AND THE GORA FOR VANCOUVER DESI It was an awesome weekend for sports in B.C. The Canucks began a three-game home stand at Rogers…
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health check

Parents of six-year-old girl ‘horrified’ after botched vaccination exposes her to HIV

GORDON MCINTYRE VANCOUVER DESI A six-year-old girl is in danger of having contacted HIV after a routine vaccination went awry in Fort St. James earlier…
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Have nuts, fruits to lower stroke risk

IANS New York – Eating diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, poultry and fish combined with physical activity and keeping your…
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Pakistan detects 3 more polio cases, bringing total to 220 as world marks awareness day

MUNIR AHMED THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ISLAMABAD – The World Health Organization said Friday that three more polio cases have surfaced in Pakistan, bringing the number…
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Australian surgeons successfully transplant ‘dead’ heart

IANS Sydney – Australian surgeons said Friday that they have made a major breakthrough by making a dead heart beat again and successfully using it…
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autism spectrum disorder asd

Toddlers may show signs of autism at 18 months

IANS New York – Younger siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may show signs of the disorder by the time they are just…
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Fatty Acids-cholestrol

How omega-6 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol

IANS London – A study has detected a gene that affects blood cholesterol levels by generating a compound from omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, called lipoxins…
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health care-Ebola

Dallas health workers who treated Ebola case banned from travel

IANS/EFE Austin (Texas) – The authorities in Dallas have ordered 75 health workers who attended a patient who died of the Ebola virus to not…
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Hair Loss

Heads up: Those trendy man buns can cause the loss of your precious hair (w/video)

NICK EAGLAND VANCOUVER DESI It’s a hairstyle being sported by cutting-edge, trendsetting men, but the man bun may be causing Vancouver’s hipsters to go bald….
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Parkinson’s disease progression may be reversed

IANS London – Certain drugs can help reverse the effects caused by Parkinson’s disease, a study on fruit flies shows. Mutations in a gene called…
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Facebook, Apple to finance female staff freezing their ovaries

IANS San Francisco – Apple and Facebook have added an extra incentive to women considering working at the tech giants by giving female employees the…
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