PHOTOS: Teacher in China faces dismissal after release of pre-school child abuse photos online

Published: October 26, 2012

Preschool teacher Yan Yanhong has been criticized for her teaching methods. Screengrab

London, Oct 26 (IANS) A pre-school teacher in China is facing dismissal from her job after sharing online hundreds of photographs, including the one in which she is seen lifting a kid with ears in the classroom.

The picture shows 20-year-old Yan Yanhong smiling as she hauls the screaming child several inches off the ground at the school, located in Wenling city, the U.K.’s Sun newspaper reported.

Parents in China’s Zhejiang province complained to the local education department after the cruel image was posted on social networking site Weibo.

The photograph was just one of over 700 images Yanhong posted online, apparently taken by another teacher.

Other horrifying pictures showed little students with their mouths taped and hands stuck to the desk to ensure they sit properly.

In one of the pictures, a child can be seen forced into a bin, with his back awkwardly arched over its side. Another photo shows a child covered with a bin.

On being confronted by local media, Yanhong said she and the students “were just having fun”.

“The kindergarten has been instructed to dismiss the teacher, Yan, and report the matter to local public security,” said a local daily.

Officials investigating the case found Yanhong was ineligible for the job but had been hired due to teachers’ shortage.

Yin Yanhong child abuse

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robert dineiro says:

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Yoshi says:

I agree with you GS89. Furthermore this witch should be put in prison for what she did. Personally kids are kids, some are naughty some are nice. Regardless they are just little children that cant defend themselves.

GS89 says:

Mark the only brat here is you what a stupid comment? Maybe when you grew up in your household it was acceptable for your daddy to touch your pi pi what a lund sucker. I hope you don’t have children you pedophile lund sucking turd.

Gord says:

oh yea…each of those kids surely has a beaming smile on their face as they are “having fun”.

mark says:

One must remember with chinas one brat per family rules these little blessings are used to doing what ever they want at home and are hopelessly spoiled there.Corperal punishment is a good reality check for what the real world has to offer.The teacher is just centering out the wprst brats no doubt.

GS89 says:

The parents need to band together and tie her up and do the same thing. SHAMEFUL ABUSING TODDLERS THIS WAY.

Beat down says:

Forget fired. If that lady did that to one of my sons I would have beaten the sh1t out of her.

That Guy says:

Yup, FIRED! If my children were ever treated that way by an ‘educator’ and ‘care giver’, that ‘teacher’ would have to be FIRED or my children would be withdrawn, period. This lady should be ashamed of herself, and I hope that she drastically changes her views on discipline before having children of her own.



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