Delhi police reject new high-tech office that clashes with Hindu beliefs

Published: July 22, 2014
police headquarters Vaastu shastra

A police officer is seen in front of the new high-tech police headquarters.


Superstitious police officers in the Indian capital New Delhi have said they will refuse to move into a new high-tech police headquarters – because toilets are planned on the part of the building that under Hindu beliefs should usually be reserved for contemplation and thoughts about God.

The high-tech building is set to include the latest internet technology to power computers offering the latest crime-fighting solutions, but so far the move to the property in the heart of the city has been rejected twice now because of the religious row.

According to representatives for Delhi Police, the building as planned is quite simply incompatible with Vastukala, an ancient Hindu philosophy governing how architecture should be set out.

And although making no public comment on the matter, the police have held several meetings to discuss the situation and an insider told local media: “The police chiefs have made it quite clear to the bureaucrats that the location of the toilets is not compatible with Vastu principles because they are located in a sacred corner of building.

“The biggest objection is that the building has toilets planned on each floor located on the north-east side, referred to as the Ishan cone which means the corner of God. This is the purest part of the structure and should ideally be used to establish a temple and a place of prayer. We should not desecrate this area in any way, especially by allowing the construction of a toilet there. It will hinder prosperity and trigger unfortunate events, according to the tenets of Vastu.”

The basement parking also violates the principles of Vastu which believes that a “hollow foundation” is not good for the fortunes of a building’s occupants.

Civil servants together with project managers are now looking to see whether it is possible to redesign the structure at this late stage to make sure the toilets are relocated to a less sensitive part of the building.

The row however that has already delayed the building by six months will probably mean it gets put back by a year and a half if changes to the location of the toilets are also made.

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