Man declared dead by hospital wakes up two days later

Published: September 2, 2014
dead man walking

This man was declared dead but he was actually still alive when police turned up two days later to check the body for clues to his identity.


An Indian hospital who declared a man dead discovered he was actually still alive when police turned up an incredible two days later to check the body for clues to his identity.

The young man, who has still not been identified, was found lying unconscious and taken to the general hospital in Aligarh district, in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state, where medics rushed him into intensive care. He stayed there for about 30 minutes before he was declared dead.

The hospital’s Chief Medial Superintendent Dr Ranjiv Khare said: “He was found to have stopped breathing and after carrying out all the usual tests he was declared dead, and moved to a ward which was then locked and where it was planned for him to be taken for a post-mortem.

“We also notified the police of the death, and when police officers arrived two days later they were taken to the body. When the doors opened instead of the young man being on the bed, he was lying on the floor and was clearly still alive.”

The hospital’s emergency staff then rushed back into action and after treatment the man’s condition was declared stable. He is currently now in the recovery room where police are waiting to speak to him to get his personal details, including his name and what happened to him that led to him being admitted unconscious.

Police constable Mor Mukut Sharma said: “He was given some water and fruit as soon as we found him because he was hungry and thirsty, but certainly not dead. Medics were rushing around everywhere in a panic. What happened however is not a police issue but down to the negligence of the hospital and all I had to do was inform my superiors.”

Dr Khare added: “What happened was definitely down to the negligence of the hospital staff, and as they were my staff I also take responsibility. The matter will be inquired and action taken against those found to be to blame.”

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