Abbotsford police

Parolee puts the ‘ram’ in Abbotsford car dealership rampage

Abbotsford police apprehended a parolee after he rammed eight vehicles in a car dealership and made a run at a responding... (more...)

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Desi cop-Newton

Sgt. Parm Prihar is the new commander for Surrey RCMP’s Newton District Office

Prihar aims to make Newton ‘an even better place to live, work and play’ Surrey RCMP has named Sgt. Parm Prihar the new... (more...)

Surrey Shooting

‘This is really close to home’: Two cars exchange gunfire in Surrey neighbourhood

A photo posted to Twitter by Doug Elford, a Surrey resident and member of the Newton Community Association. Doug Elford/Twitter CHERYL... (more...)

sexual harssment

Migrant women fear speaking out about sexual harassment in Florida’s farms

File photo: Workers fill a trailer with tomatoes as they harvest them in a farm in Florida City, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty... (more...)

An artist sketch of Yosef Jomo Gopaul, the man accused of killing hockey mom Julie Paskall. Felicity Don, Sketch

Man accused of killing Surrey hockey mom pleads guilty to lesser charge of manslaughter

An artist sketch of Yosef Jomo Gopaul, the man accused of killing hockey mom Julie Paskall. Felicity Don, Sketch JENNIFER... (more...)

Hands of the prisoner on a steel lattice close up   © BortN66 -   PUBLISHED: Aug. 26, 2014 to illustrate University Cool Courses   REPORTER: Karen Seidman

Here’s what a 911 call during a brutal home invasion sounded like to a Saskatchewan dispatcher

( function() { pnShowVideo( '1_oe2uhfiq', '', '', '', '480', '310', 'kaltura' ); } )(); HANNAH SPRAY THE STAR PHOENIX As... (more...)

crime-North Shore

Saudi-born dad gains guardianship of daughter put up for adoption by addict mom

Scales of justice. Fotolia KEVEN DREWS THE CANADIAN PRESS VANCOUVER — British Columbia’s highest court has granted... (more...)

Police tape-Abbotsford-crime

Indian mom strangles son to death so she can marry her lover

25-year-old Uma Saket killed her son so she could live with her 20-year-old lover Dilip, whom she married right after dumping... (more...)

Surrey stabbing

IHIT trying to track son after woman’s body found in Richmond home

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over after a body was found in Richmond Tuesday afternoon. The Province VANCOUVER... (more...)


Federal government approves 100 new RCMP officers to quell drug war in Surrey

More police resources are on the way to deal with Surrey’s gang problem. PNG TAMSYN BURGMANN THE CANADIAN PRESS SURREY,... (more...)

viral arrest video

‘Force doesn’t look pretty': Vancouver police defend rough arrest caught on video

A screengrab of Donovan Mahoney’s video posted to YouTube. Donovan Mahoney/screenshot FRANK LUBA VANCOUVER DESI Donovan... (more...)


South African who plagiarized wife’s eulogy accused of hiring hit men to kidnap, kill her

FILE – In this file photo taken Monday, May 4, 2015, Christopher Panayiotou appears at a court to face a murder charge... (more...)

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Vancouver Ross Street Sikh Temple

Media-savvy Narendra Modi’s one year in photos as India’s prime minister

VANCOUVER DESI Check out photos of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he completes one year in office. Modi is one of India’s most social…
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Surrey Shooting

‘This is really close to home’: Two cars exchange gunfire in Surrey neighbourhood

CHERYL CHAN VANCOUVER DESI Another bout of gunfire rocked a Surrey neighbourhood Sunday evening. Newton resident Doug Elford tweeted about hearing gunfire outside his home…
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Masturbation causes pregnant hands in afterlife, says Turkish preacher

HINDUSTAN TIMES An Islamic televangelist from Turkey has created a storm on social media by claiming that any man who masturbates will find his hands…
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sexual harssment

Migrant women fear speaking out about sexual harassment in Florida’s farms

EMILIO J. LOPEZ IANS/EFE Miami – Women working on Florida’s farms, most of them undocumented immigrants, are constantly exposed to sexual harassment, workers’ rights activists…
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Vancouver non-profit gives a free wedding

KIM TREHAN VANCOUVER DESI A local non-profit, by the name of A Wish to Wed is giving a unique gift to a beautiful BC couple.  The…
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Indian chef-recipes

Food blogger’s delicious global recipes influenced in part by her Indian heritage

LAURA BREHAUT POSTMEDIA NEWS Kitchen notebooks are often sauce-splattered and dog-eared. The best contain shortcuts, secrets, and tried-and-true recipes. They are valuable records, illustrating changing…
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Marathon Running for the First Time with World Vision

On May 3rd 2015, I took part in a marathon for the very first time in my life. As a teenager, I enjoy exercise whether…
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NIRMALA RANIGA VANCOUVER DESI Everyone is born from a mother. And, even if individuals are separated from their biological mothers after birth, ideally they receive…
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100 year journey

In the 1940s, Kuldeep Singh Bains was instrumental in getting Indo-Canadians the right to vote

SPECIAL TO VANCOUVER DESI Avtar Bains always knew his father, Kuldeep, was a pillar of the community, but he was reminded just how giant a…
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Ossie Kaur Thandi’s family was just one of seven Indo-Canadian families living in New West in 1934

SPECIAL TO VANCOUVER DESI Ossie Kaur was 16 years old when she left her childhood home in the Lower Mainland to travel alone to India….
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football-100year journey

B.C.’s South Asian pioneer Ranjit Mattu mentored many football stars

SPECIAL TO VANCOUVER DESI Even as a child, Ranjit Mattu knew he had game. From his first play on the field of Mount Pleasant Elementary,…
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Dharm Singh Gill changed the way Sikhs were regarded for wearing turbans at work

SPECIAL TO VANCOUVER DESI Little did Dharm Singh Gill realize that an act of heroism would change the way Sikhs were regarded for wearing their…
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Sky was the limit for B.C.’s South Asian pioneer Karm Mattu

SPECIAL TO VANCOUVER DESI Karm Singh Mattu was born to fly. As a teen in the 1930s, he ran away from his Vancouver home to…
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Health Check

health-risk-iron deficiency

Frequent female blood donors often at risk of iron deficiency: study

SUSAN LAZARUK VANCOUVER DESI In her health care job, Jackie Hannaford is well aware of the need for blood donations and willingly rolls up her…
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The B.C. Centre for Disease Control is looking for new immigrant women to participate in a health study.

New immigrant women sought for B.C. Centre for Disease Control health study

BURNABY NOW The B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has put out a call for Greater Vancouver women from India, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong…
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Do we need to exercise more or eat less?

JILL BARKER MONTREAL GAZETTE A battle is waging in the scientific journals between several prominent health and fitness experts. In one corner are physicians Aseem Malhotra,…
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The strength of your grip may be a more accurate predictor of your risk of a heart attack or stroke than the standard blood pressure test.
milanmarkovic78 , Fotolia

Why a weak handshake is bad news for your heart

LAURA DONNELLY THE DAILY TELEGRAPH The strength of your handshake could indicate the chance of a futureheart attack, a major study suggests. Researchers found that…
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